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Microsoft to Merge Planner and Tasks Apps

Microsoft continues to optimize it's business applications, to the benefit of all of us!

You may already know that I'm a huge fan of the Microsoft Office 365 and desktop suite of business applications (who isn't?!), but there's no doubt that there are simply some 3rd party apps that still perform better than some of the small applications in the suite. Planner and Tasks definitely fell in that bucket.

I'm huge on organization, which includes to-do tasks and tracking of team tasks. I tried using the Microsoft apps since they integrated with MSFT Teams, and the rest of O365, but they felt so disconnected! I hated how limited each one was, and that I had to use two different apps to accomplish what felt like parallel objectives. But Microsoft is finally changing that!

Between May and Mid-July 2020, Microsoft will be merging the two apps within Microsoft Teams. You can read more about the initiative at Microsoft's roadmap site (ID 57213).

Looks like 2020 isn't all doom and gloom afterall ;)

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