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Robotic Process Automation in a Day

Power Automate is perhaps the most powerful underutilized tool in the Microsoft Business suite. Whenever I showcase the capabilities of this low-code/no-code tool (one that even I have only scratched the surface on), people's eyes light up and I can see their minds drifting to places never before imagined!

But the problem, as so often is with the plethora of apps in the MSFT Suite, is time. Time to learn. Time to search YouTube for tutorials. Time to tinker. Guided learning can help, but that's been largely limited for Power Automate, specifically.

Until now!

Microsoft just sent emails about Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in a Day virtual training sessions! That's right, just like Power BI has Dashboard in a Day (DIAD), we now have similar training for Power Automate! You should be just as stoked as I am right about now. If you aren't, then you probably don't know what Power Automate can do for you and your business! And that's all the more reason for you to register for the FREE training.

However... the downside is that there apparently was plenty of excitement around these offerings, because when I went to register for one of the 10 upcoming sessions, they were all fully booked on the same day the email went out...

Have no fear, though. Microsoft has already announced that they will hold more sessions in the future. You can stay tuned to register here:

Good luck! And have fun automating!

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